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Welcome to AnantVed Research Labs (AVRL)

We are unlocking the infinite potential of Indic life sciences to tackle complex  global challenges of wellness & health – especially addiction & immunity. We are harnessing Ayurveda, modern sciences and technology to accelerate discovery, development & commercialization of breakthrough products. 

Incorporated in 2019, AVRL is rooted in 70 years of ground-breaking research in herbal smoke therapies initiated by Vaidya Anant Nitsure (1919-94). AVRL is an Indico Ventures Lab portfolio company. 

5000 years of wisdom from Ayurveda

International Patents Filed

Over 70 years of research & development

Maruk Herbal Smokes

Paper Rolled Premium Smokes

Forest Trails

Temburini Herbal Smokes

Leaf Rolled Luxury Smokes

Sacred Grove
Tropical Shore
Waterfall Mist

Herbal Smoke Theraphy

Healing through smoke is the least understood & rarely researched branch of Ayurveda. Vaidya Anant Nitsure pioneered smoke therapies to heal thousands in Pune, India. Smoke therapies catalyzed the innovative spirit, inspired his family and team to research rarer herbs, cures and treatments.

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