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Smoking made

100% conscious herbal & safer non-addictive for you

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Maruk, World’s First and Only Patented Herbal Smokes

MARUK is non-addictive herbal smokes designed to recreate premium smoking experience and also helps eliminates tobacco cigarette smoking

Maruk Paper Rolled Herbal Smokes


Temburini are Luxury herbal smokes hand-rolled in tendu leaves

Temburini is a passionate product developed aiming for a 100% natural smoking experience while keeping us away from the addictive and carcinogenic tobacco compounds. Comes with a wooden/bamboo filter we call D-Yantra

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Our Leaf Rolled Herbal Smokes


Prayogik is an FDA approved exclusive loose herb Inhalation Mix for smoke connoisseurs

Prayogik blends are inspired from Ayurvedic Formulas but they also go very well with the contemporary smoking culture.

Goodka is an FDA Approved Healing Alternative to Paan Masala & Chewing Tobacco

GOODKA is an Ayurvedic Formula that also reduces acidity and improves digestion. Everyone can enjoy its tasty chewing experience.

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Inspired in Pune, India

Created by 3 generations of doctors, scientists & innovators

Healing through smoke is the least understood & rarely researched branch of Ayurveda. Vaidya Anant Nitsure pioneered smoke therapies to heal thousands.


years of ground breaking research


years of wisdom from Ayurveda


patent based products

Meet Dr. Rajas Nitsure

A Doctor, Vaidya, Scientist & 3rd Generation Smoke Therapist

Dr. Rajas Nitsure bears the legacy proudly by spearheading cutting-edge R&D and product development at AVRL. His work has created the path to numerous patents.

“I want to bring the benefits of Indian smoke therapies to the world”

Our blends are formulated with powerful ayurvedic herbs

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What makes our herb blends special?

It’s a secret but we can tell you briefly 🙂

No Nicotine • No Tobacco • No Additives

No Nicotine • No Tobacco • No Additives

No Nicotine • No Tobacco • No Additives

No Nicotine • No Tobacco • No Additives

No Nicotine • No Tobacco • No Additives

Switch to herbs • Quit Tobacco •

Switch to herbs • Quit Tobacco •

Switch to herbs • Quit Tobacco •

Switch to herbs • Quit Tobacco •

Switch to herbs • Quit Tobacco •

Who should smoke Maruk or Temburini?

Let’s begin with who should not consume this

Minors below age 18, pregnant women, non-smokers should never try this or any other cigarette.

Patients undergoing Panchakarma therapy

Patients who have a cough that is still causing congestion can also take this with their Ayurvedic doctor’s recommendation as Dhoomapan therapy.

Individuals who want to quit tobacco addiction

Our research and observation show that approximately 70-75% of people who want to quit tobacco smoking have succeeded in doing so with using Maruk

Nicotine is both a sedative and a stimulant. When a body is exposed to nicotine, it causes the release of dopamine in the pleasure and motivation areas of the brain. Nicotine is highly addictive. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, of which more than 70 are known to cause, initiate or promote cancer and are called “carcinogens”.

How can I quit smoking tobacco cigarettes?

For just 21 days slowly

replace your regular tobacco cigarettes with Maruk Herbal Smokes.


When you crave a cigarette, light up a Maruk.

Satisfy your need for a fulfilling smoke and trust your body’s intelligence to progressively reduce the need for nicotine.


This will ensure you have a smooth deaddiction experience,

as Maruk herbal smokes are not addictive at all.


One of a kind
boxes made with the
herbs we use

Maruk Gifting

Pack of 3 in a 100% wood free paper.

Temburini Gifting

Pack of 3 in a box made of the herbs we use for real!

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Got questions? We are here to help!

Is this totally nicotine free and tobacco free?

100% free. No Tobacco. No Nicotine.

What do you mean it is patented?

The founder Dr. Rajas Nitsure has used his knowledge of Ayurveda to Patent the invention and the process of making Herbal Cigarettes. The Patent number is 379565.

How much is the tar content?

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals. The majority are found in the Tar produced by smoking tobacco cigarettes. However, MARUK tar is much different from Tobacco Tar and ranges around 15 mg per cigarette.

Really helps in quitting tobacco smoking?

Yes. Most people cannot quit due to the physical craving for the smoke. MARUK helps one get over the craving easily and makes quitting easier.

Does it help if I’m using a nicotine patch or nicotine gums?

YES. The patch reduces the need for nicotine but cannot reduce the physical need for smoking. MARUK helps there and helps one quit easily.