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Maruk Meditations

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  • Maruk Meditations is 100% Ayurvedic Herbs | No Nicotine | No Tobacco | No Additives | Premium Herbal Smoke made using high-quality natural herbs, spices & extracts.
  • Perfectly complements with Nicotine Patches or Nicotine Chewing Gums if you are using them. Improves your chances of quitting cigarettes.
  • These herbs are not addictive & are selected to assist in smoking cessation.
  • Product developed with 75 years of Research & Development in Smoke Therapy | International Patents Filed & Granting Awaited
  • Paper rolled premium smokes | Each pack contains 10 sticks.


Maruk Meditations is a paper-rolled premium herbal smokes to help quit smoking scientifically. Maruk is a non-tobacco, non-nicotine cigarette alternative designed to recreate a premium smoking experience without the harmful tobacco and nicotine. It contains pure herbs inspired by Ayurveda.

  • Maruk reduces or eliminates tobacco cigarette smoking
  • Carefully selected herbs to assist in smoking cessation
  • Maruk herbal smokes perfectly complements when using nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gums
  • It improves your chances of quitting harmful cigarette smoking
  • These uniquely blended pure herbs help in stress relief and cough

Enhances mood & Relieves stress

No chemicals No additives

No foul smell on clothes or in the room

Reduce craving with healthier smoking

Safety Testing:

All raw materials and finished goods are tested by NABL accredited laboratories. The tests include Sugar testing, Heavy metals testing, Pesticide residue testing, Microbiological testing to ensure you get a smooth and healthier smoking experience.

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Customer Reviews & Ratings

1 review for Maruk Meditations

  1. MDB

    If it has tar and other harmful gases than how it is beneficial also it uses paper to burn?, kindly answer.

    • AnantVed

      Maruk is designed to help a smoker during the quitting process. Yes Maruk smoke has tar and CO like cigarette smoke but does NOT contain the complex carcinogenic compounds that are produced by burning tobacco and its additives in a regular cigarette.
      The lack of additives also ensure that Maruk is non-addictive and hence is safer in the long run.
      Maruk helps one quit cigarettes and get on a path of health, without creating a new addiction Р& that is how it is beneficial. We are very clear about our purpose Рwe do not recommend smoking to anyone.

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