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Vaidya Anant Nitsure

Vaidya Anant Nitsure- The Father of Herbal Smoke Therapies

Herbal Smoke Therapies
‘Dhumapana’, or the ancient indigenous science of using smoke for therapeutic benefits, is a revered branch of Ayurveda. In addition to igniting plants to reap their medicinal properties, this form of ‘smoke therapy’ is said to play a vital role in balancing the doshas. Due to a lack of concerted research in the field, the practice of smoke therapies remained largely unexplored–until Vaidya Anant Nitsure and his successors pioneered its modern rebirth.

The Father of Herbal Smoke Therapies
Vaidya Anant Nitsure revived Dhumapana in India and opened it up for new avenues of research. A curiously driven explorer, he had a keen eye for local flora and fauna. Having spent his early childhood in the Konkani village of Anjarle, Vaidya Nitsure was intimately familiar with the synergistic relationship between locals and their surrounding ecology. He had an adventurous spirit and was known venture deep into Maharashtrian highlands and forests. He would acquire rare vanaspatis during these trips and, through conversations with villagers and tribals, understand their usage. This tenacity and hunger for knowledge pushed Vaidya Nitsure to formalise his research efforts and became the foundation of his experiments.

Demonstrations and Experimentation
Vaidya Anant Nitsure had read hundreds of books on Ayurveda and was a known connoisseur of local biology. His experimentation, however, was also driven by practicality. He personally suffered from nasal congestion quite often and was perpetually on the lookout for Ayurvedic remedies. Slowly, Vaidya Nitsure began making his own herbal formulations and started  inhaling their smoke to seek expectorant relief. This was the first recorded demonstration of Herbal Smoke Therapy in day-to-day life, which Vaidya Nitsure performed on himself. He gradually developed new herbal formulations and treatments and led several people besides himself on a path to recovery. Besides, he endowed disciples and future generations of the Nitsure family with a huge repository of Vedic knowledge. Today, his grandson Dr Rajas Nitsure bears this legacy proudly by spearheading cutting-edge experimentation and studies at AVRL. In the rapidly evolving world of Ayurvedic research, Vaidya Nitsure’s foundational work remains a benchmark of inspiration for many.

Anant Nitsure

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