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We all know the immense health hazards associated with smoking,  yet quitting can be a challenge. So is there a way you can make smoking a lot less risky?

If a smoker is given one wish that will be fulfilled it will surely be a cigarette devoid of any health hazards! That’s exactly what Maruk Herbal Smokable is.

We all know the immense health hazards associated with smoking,  yet quitting can be a challenge. So is there a way you can make smoking a lot less risky?

‘Maruk Herbal Smokables’

We are here to bust some traditional myths about herbal smokes.

Herbal cigarettes by Maruk are a result of years of keen research and experimentation by Ayurvedic experts who are successful in replacing the traditional ‘herbal cigarette’ which had inconsistent texture, unpleasant smell with a smokable which provides a consistently smooth sensory experience.

Maruk smokables are a product of meticulously sourced, cleaned and processed herbs rolled into a unique rolling paper. Keeping intact the innate medicinal value, Maruk smokables can easily replace regular cigarette because of the premium rolling paper used.

No tobacco and no nicotine. Duh!

Maruk not only claims to be 100% herbal but is actually 100% herbal. It is a blend of 14 different herbs rightly sourced, mixed in correct proportions, and rolled in the premium smoking paper! Done! You can have a look anytime you want. (location)

No harmful chemicals

Maruk smokable being a product of over 10 years of research has particularly excelled in its proportions and combination of herbs.  Unlike regular cigarettes which are combined by chemicals, Maruk is aptly designed so that the finished product remains intact sustainably.

Pleasant mouthfeel and zero odor

One of the main concerns tobacco smokers encounter is the nasty odor it leaves behind. Maruk is completely devoid of that. It not only is odorless but leaves behind a pleasant mouthfeel.

Another myth being ‘Herbal cigarettes smell like clove’ or ‘will smell like medicine’ This is also untrue, with carefully picked and rolled herbs, Maruk offers the choicest of blends – Waterfalls, Meditations and Forest Trails (links)

The physical satisfaction of smoking

Smoking tobacco is both a physical addiction and a psychological habit. While quitting, what smokers miss the most is the physical act of smoking. Maruk provides the perfect aid in quitting the habit. The smoking paper gives it a ‘cigarette feel’ while curbing the hazards of nicotine.

You can get in touch with us for any support in quitting. (phone number)

Purely blended herbs

Tobacco is a leaf that contains the chemical nicotine, which is an addictive substance. However, tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals that are extremely hazardous to health. With just a few puffs of regular cigarettes, you absorb harmful chemicals through the lining of your mouth. It causes yellow-brown stains on your fingers, tongue and teeth. Increases your risk of tooth loss and bad breath and numerous other risks. Maruk being devoid of any tobacco or any chemicals protects you from all the above risks. So order it for yourself, a friend or a relative you really care about! (link)